Preconceived Notions Part 1

Before I begin let me apologize in advance, i am typing this on an out of date tablet that does not cooperate well with this site. Therefore i cannot see what im typing nor can i edit it so if I come off looking stupid its not just because im a hig school drop out.

I watched a commercial the other night for Kia that spoke of preconcived notions. They said reality has not much bearing on what we believe. Preconceived notions shape our reality, meaning if you feel a certain way it does not necessarily have to be true in order for us to believe it. And what we believe becomes our reality. We believe things based on our past experiences, of things weve been told or brainwashed into believing. In Kia’s case its that they manufacture cheap cars, ok, “so what?” you may be asking. Well what else have we got preconceived notions about?

Lets take prejudism for an example. Not just towards a color of person, how about towards people’s habits? For alot of old white people above the age of 65 the good ole days were when a white man could hate someone because they were different from them in any way be it color, religion, or choice of relaxation preference if it wasnt alcohol, cigarettes or cocaine. Then they could be comforted come sunday in church surrounded by like minded people who agreed they were God’s chosen ones which gave them the right to be bigots. Now things arent so simple. With the dawn of the internet real knowledge and truth are being spread at a rate no one could have imagined before. People are unwilling to accept the world is only 6000 years old and that God, if there is one, would hate anything or anyone He created based on the way they were born.

I for one am very grateful that people are finally opening their eyes. I realize that real change only comes about when a nation stands up as one voice and speaks against the oppressive lies and laws created by our forefathers. Before we can stand as one we have to be willing to seek the truth on an individual level.

For years hippies were hated by the older generation for smoking pot. It was claimed pot would destroy the world and made the user evil. Strange considering there was no evidence to support this. Rather there was and is pounds of evidence to the contrary. And yet these same naysayers support the use of xanax a drug that when used causes PERMANENT memory loss, addiction, and incapacitating withdrawals when used in excess. Young people by the hundreds of thousands and old people alike abuse this drug. Everyday there are new murder cases where the suspect was high on xanax and not in control of their facilities and murdered someone in a haze that they would barely remember doing the next day much less why. Never once has it been proven that someone killed someone because they smoked a joint or 100 joints. I will add supporting evidence towards the irrational hatred of marijuana and the fact that it was illegalized due to bigotry and nothing more in part 2 of this blog.

Real change may not come until the people who believe these lies die off, but it doesnt have to be that way. This country is ruled by the people but if our voices are not heard it will be business as usual and worse. We must unite and speak up, vote, rally, whatever it takes to show we will not stand for innocent having their lives ruined for something that never hurt anyone. Crimes should be defined only by actions that hurt others physically or financially. If you want to feel good that shoukd not be illegal. It is common knowledge politicians often use cocaine and marijuana then go vote on laws to make it illegal and jail others for the very thing they enjoy. What hypocrisy! and we just stand idly by and laugh like yep politicians are idiots and assholes. Its not funny! We have the power to change all of this. Politicians should be held to a higher standard than the people they represent. They are not immune to the law. If you should be subjected to a drug test to get a job at mcdonalds then you definitely should be to get a job as a politician. These people have our lives in their hands! When will we take this seriously. Politicians dont even have to pass an i.q. test to get elected they just need to smile pretty and convince you they are just like you then never keep their promises offered while running for office. This cannot go on forever. With the rampant use of prescription drugs that is tearing this country apart their can only be death to look forward to. We cannot support the use of these pills just because the government says they are good and marijuana is bad. We need proof as an intelligent people. Lets show them we are well read and that we are not going to lay down and take their lies anymore. We must hold them to that higher standard they are accountable for. They are in charge of our and our families well being. This should be a priority to us not a secondary notion that we take as a luxury if the government can get around to it.

Lots of supporting evidence to my passionate post in part 2.


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