Monthly Archives: December 2013

Christmas wishes do come true

My cousin who I havent talked to in years called me out of the blue yesterday. It was unexpected and a pleasant surprise. I wont go into too many details but we were very close once, went into business together and fell apart along with the business. Ive always heard money and blood dont mix and I now know why. I prayed he would forgive me for allowing money to come between us. Not only for my benefit but also for his. Carrying unforgiveness creates bitterness (and I believe cancer as well but thats a blog for another day). It also interferes with a persons ability to be successful. Negativity only attracts more negative circumstances. Anyway, as we were talking and catching up I found myself choking back tears. I honestly thought we would never speak again. He became like a brother to me years ago when I lost my only brother to an I.e.d. explosion in Iraq (I miss you Luke!). Having him back in my life again is like seeing the dead rise again Lazarus style (if you subscribe to that sort of thing). Forgiveness can be healing for both parties. If you have someone you havent forgiven I suggest you try it, it will take a weight off your chest and open up doors for you.


Kids raise themselves apparently

One of my favorite unresolved arguments is whether or not parents should take responsibilty for their children’s upbringing.  I fully agree that we all make our own decisions and cannot blame anyone for that which we do by choice.

 But what about our mental and emotional health?  I personally struggle with anxiety and depression.   Did I choose to be this way (I think not)?  Maybe it was years of being beaten and screamed at and told constantly that my thoughts have no value.  My uncle says no (he’s a basket case too but he won’t admit it), he says I can blame no one for the way I am and I should just know how to live in stability and peace.  I realize we all react to situations differently but how do you know peace until its shown to you?  

 The next question I have is WHY is everyone so concerned about raising their kids right if the kid is gonna be told that, “You can’t blame your parents for anything when they grow up”?!

If that’s the case lets just kick em out at 5 years old to fend for themselves.  I mean they are supposed to just figure it all out themselves right?Stop the cycle people.  If your parents are crap blame them for being crap, forgive them then get as far away as possible so you don’t get trapped into being just like them.